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So how about them Olympics? Yeah, they’re over now so we can all get back to watching pro hockey, the best kind of hockey. The Bruins actually got back to pro hockey earlier last week, but they were bad at it and that’s no fun to write about. Until there were two minutes remaining in the first period it looked like they were going to be bad at hockey again, but then Jarome Iginla stepped in and saved everything like he usually does because Jarome is a cool guy. Going down on the road is never fun, especially when you can throw words like “Olympic hangover” and “recent overtime loss to the Buffalo Sabres” around, but that game-tying goal was the end of any doubt for the Bruins. From then on Boston was good at hockey, scoring goals and insurance goals against an increasingly disappointed Madison Square Garden crowd and responding to attempted Ranger comebacks with even more scoring.

Boston maintained the pressure they started to put on in the second period throughout the rest of the game, resembling a team much different from the one that had struggled to win little over a day earlier at home. Eventually the stands started to clear out and the Bruins put one last puck past Heinrik Lundqvist to wrap everything up and put an end to the season series with New York with a sweep. This was Boston’s first win after the Olympic break and it hopefully means that the team has worked out all the kinks before they make their big run towards the playoffs and beyond. Their next contest is against a bad Florida Panthers team on Tuesday night, so tune in to see if they’ll continue being good at hockey!

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