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Bruins Game 55 Recap: Bruins do the Sochi Shuffle

The Bruins were a little undermanned tonight, as captain Zdeno Chara (it’s in his contract that he has to be referred to as such at all times) is off in Russia killing wild dogs or whatever they’re sending hockey players over there to do (repair toilets?). The Blues are a really good team in a good conference and the home team too, so maybe the Bruins had more than a little bit of a challenge to handle in St. Louis tonight.

But wait, apparently St. Louis has some issues holding late leads? And goaltender Jaroslav Halak may be to blame? Well, it sure looked that way, as the Blues blew a late lead and allowed Boston to take at least a point out of the contest by sending it into overtime. Of course then the Bruins lost on a cheap, weird goal that just sort of slipped past Tukka Rask from a bad angle, but oh well. Would they maybe have won if Zdeno Chara wasn’t avoiding open manholes and, uh…. terrorists? Who can really say? It was a good showing for the Bruins at least. Now we can move on feeling good about ourselves.

Next is the final game before the league breaks for the Olympics, on Saturday afternoon against the Senators. Watch it because otherwise you’re going to have to get up at 4 am or some weird hour to watch live hockey for the next two weeks or so. And you probably don’t want that.

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