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Bruins Game 53 Recap: Oof.

Some way, somehow, the Bruins took all that momentum from the last few games and tossed it aside for tonight’s game against the Canadiens. First they gave up a few early goals and then they just failed to tie things up. A late first-period score by Dougie Hamilton cut Montreal’s lead in half but that was just about the end of anything resembling hope for the Bruins tonight. The Habs might’ve been the weaker team in the standings but the B’s pretty much caved in for no apparent reason and didn’t even resemble the better squad at any point tonight. Halfway through the game, Tuukka Rask was gone and Boston was busy looking for any sort of momentum to carry them back into the game.

Nothing really came of that though, and a dead third period closed things out. The Bruins lost decisively on home ice to end a 4-game winning streak and drop a home game to a division rival. Montreal might be well behind the Bruins in the standings but tonight was pretty much all about their team. None of the scoring touch that Boston showed against other, weaker teams in the last few games was present tonight and they lost handily and without any real drama. So yeah, that sucked. Nothing to do but move on I guess. Next is a game Saturday afternoon against the Oilers that NESN is trying to hype as really big, but consider that Edmonton has the second worst record in the league before you buy into that. Wins are still better than losses for the Bruins though, so tune in!

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