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Well, what kind of analysis can you make on a game like this? The Flyers let the Bruins constantly push them around, got into penalty trouble, fell behind early and then tried to get back into the game by attempting to get into fights with the Bruins. In the meantime the Bruins capitalized on opportunities, Jarome Iginla was cool like he always is, Zdeno Chara scored twice, and Boston took the lead and kept it. Philly switched goalies in the second, which helped them at least temporarily stop the Bruin scoring. They broke the shutout with around twelve minutes to go in the third, which at the time gave them only a three-goal deficit to overcome. But in the end Boston just kept the pressure on and that was it. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

With that behind them the Bruins head to Uniondale on Tuesday for the first of a four-games-in-six-days stretch against some pretty terrible competition. Most of that stretch will be at home too, so this might be a time for the B’s to pull away in the standings before the break for the Olympics next month. The Islanders are the worst team in a bad division, so hopefully the Bruins can start a run. Tune in!

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