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Bruins Game 44 Recap: This Amazing Game Just Happened, And Wow….. I Just Can’t Believe It.

So if the first two games of this west coast road trip were supposed to be a “measuring stick” of any sort, the Bruins have it stuck straight up their collective asses. The team’s quality of play has dipped, especially on the penalty kill, since the season of defenseman’s defenseman Dennis Sidenberg ended more than a week ago. Meanwhile the team has headed out on a journey through California, playing against teams that may not reside in “traditional” markets but have built rather exceptional rosters for themselves this season. So far the Bruins have responded to this test by allowing a million power-play goals (and one shorthanded one) on Tuesday in Anaheim and by allowing a bunch of crappy, stupid goals in LA tonight.

Take for example the goal that came after Johnny Boychuck literally swung and missed at the puck and turned it right over to Jeff Carter who instantly put it in the net. Or take the shot that literally went through Rask’s armpit while he sort of stared at it. Don’t forget the power-play goal that came on an interference penalty that Dougie Hamilton received when he reached for the puck while he was stepping out of the box after his previous penalty had ended (really? That’s a penalty?). It looked ugly for the first half of the game. Then the Bruins visibly picked up the effort and seemed to have everything turned around. They even got a goal from rookie Matt Frasier late in the second to give them some hope for the third. Then that went down in flames too as Dustin Brown beat replacement goalie Dan Johnson and put any hopes of a comeback away. The Bruins had at least turned things around as far as getting chances and controlling the puck went, but they failed to tie the game and the Kings pulled away on them.

Next up for Boston are the San Jose Sharks on Saturday night, who currently possess a home record of 666-0-2, so you can bet they’ll be a challenge. Maybe all that effort will start to pay off for the Bruins again? It’s been an ugly post-Christmas stretch for the Bruins, and the Western Conference is a bad place for them to try and turn it around. Tune in, there’s at least a chance that the Bruins will win.

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