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Bruins Game 41 Recap: Bruins dig themselves out… of losing streak.

Two games is a losing streak, right guys? It’s a short one but losing games sucks so I say it counts. The Bruins needed to find a way to beat another struggling team tonight, but recent trends suggest that the B’s might have issues not playing up to their lesser-skilled opponents. On top of that, it was the NHL debut of goaltender Niklas Svedberg, giving the Bruins just one more thing to worry about. The first half of the game was mostly about missed Boston opportunities, as they did a great job of entering Nashville’s defensive end and getting the puck towards the net. Then Nashville scored first. Disappointing, yes. But you had to figure that the Bruins would even things up with the way they were pressuring Nashville, but it took until the 3rd for Johnny Boychuck and Jarome “Greatest Free-Agent Signing Ever” Iginla to score the tying and go-ahead goals.

With Nashville’s bad offense the Bruins could probably have counted on a victory from there on out. So leave it to the one-not-awful guy in Nashville’s lineup to tie things, much as Jonathan Tavares did on Tuesday night. Shae Weber put Nashville back on the board with a rebound shot that Svedberg sort-of caught before it bounced by him into the net. The two teams then battled to the end of regulation, guaranteeing Boston at least it’s first point in three games. But losing streaks don’t end with overtime losses, right? It’s a good thing then that Brad Marchand scored less than a minute in to send everyone home happy. Everyone who didn’t have to drive at least. And the Predators. I bet the Predators weren’t happy. The Bruins next game is on Saturday afternoon against the Winnipeg Jets, who should be used to this sort of obscene weather. Tune in, where else are you going to go?

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