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Bruins Game 40 Recap: Have a Krejci New Year.

You know those games where the clearly inferior team “Rudy”s out all over the better one and winds up winning some sort of bullshit decision, right? They happen in every sport. Yeah, this was one of them. The Islanders are crap and always have been crap and probably always will be crap as they drag the spirit of the Nassau Coliseum to Brooklyn after next season or the one after it or whatever. Jonathan Tavares, well, he definitely isn’t crap and he had something to do with four of the five Islander goals, including banking a shot off of Tuukka Rask’s ribs into the net to give the Islanders a permanent lead early in the third. It was four unanswered goals that sunk the Bruins, the Isles out-“competing” the Bruins through most of the second half of the game in spite of being generally awful and basically running away with the contest. The Bruins took bad penalties and generally didn’t get any luck as things out, with Milan Lucic being tossed towards the end of the third for boarding and possible ref-sass.

So 2013 ends with a forgettable game for the Bruins. At least Zdeno Chara is back after being listed as “day-to-day” on Saturday. Dennis Sidenberg is still out with a wilted ACL and will be until next season probably, so the Bruins need to calm everyone down by winning a game without him, something they still haven’t done yet. Nashville is a pretty bad team, but so were the Islanders and we saw how that turned out. That game is on Thursday, so tune in.

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