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Bruins Game 34 Recap: #SEAofBLUE

The Calgary Flames haven’t scored a goal in Boston since 2006. Just keep that in mind. They haven’t scored since before the Obama administration, since before the last lockout, since….. I dunno, the 3DS? Since two Red Sox World Serieses ago? Well anyway that streak is going to go on for at least another nine months or so because they didn’t score tonight. Zdeno Chara did however. In fact he scored twice, which is two more goals than the Flames scored. The Flames scored zero goals to Chara’s two. He also took a stick to the face which required him to temporarily leave the ice, but everything worked out.

The only really bad moments for the Bruins were a bad boarding penalty by Brad Marchand and a failure to cash in on an empty net with more than two minutes remaining, but other than that everything went Boston’s way. The Flames managed to screw up their best scoring chances with bad passes and missed shots while Tuukka Rask performed his job admirably in spite of the flu bug he and Chad Johnson both caught during the road trip last week. It wasn’t a very dramatic game really. Now Boston will wait for the Sabres on Thursday. The Sabres are also bad, so maybe don’t expect much drama there either. Expect fun though! Hockey is fun and you should always watch.

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