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Bruins Game 32 Recap: Edmonton Bruins defeat Nebulous Zone Oilers

Maybe it’s not the greatest accomplishment to sweep the two current worst teams in the league, especially in front of crowds that have been friendly or at least neutral, but the Bruins did just that this weekend and beat Toronto to boot, which makes them undefeated on this current road trip. Tonight’s game in Edmonton threatened to be the least dramatic of the current journey across Canada, as the B’s built a three-goal lead in the first period against a seemingly-hapless Oilers team and didn’t appear ready to look back. But in the second period the Bruins, maybe, did look back? Whatever they did, the Oilers slipped back into the game and made a contest of it.

The Bruins managed to hold on. They also got two goals from former Calgary hero Jerome Iginla, which didn’t sit well with the few Oiler fans who managed to sneak through the turnstiles tonight. Once he scored his second on an empty net in the last minute, spectators in Oilers gear began streaming towards the exits and time slowly expired. The Oilers made a contest of it, so from their perspective that at least makes it a moral victory. They’re still the worst team in the entire league though so moral victories are all they’re getting these days. Boston has defeated Edmonton eleven straight times now. Or was it twelve? Not sure. Edmonton is bad.

Next for the Bruins is a game against the not at all bad Vancouver Canucks at ten on Saturday. That’s ten at night for those of you who don’t know where Vancouver is. So watch it.

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