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Bruins Game 30 Recap: Pribbidy-bab-zim-zoom.

Toronto was good before and now they’re bad. What’s up with that? At least they’re more laid-back than their counterparts in Montreal (though no less passionate). Maybe it’s because Toronto is bad now like I said. When last the two teams met they were in a clash for the division lead, now Toronto is in fifth and falling. For the Bruins it was just another night at the office, albeit with a few new names bouncing around. With Johnny Boychuk and Chris Kelly not available due to injury, Ryan Spooner was brought back up and Kevan Miller joined him for his debut with the Bruins. Miller didn’t just debut however, he also managed to score his first-ever NHL goal, which actually turned out to be the game-winner. He also left with an injury on a cheap hit from Dion Phaneuf, but he should be okay and Phaneuf should be suspended (hopefully) so whatever.

Call it a workmanlike effort by the Bruins if you want. They fell behind early but pressured a stumbling Leafs  squad and were able to come out on top without much trouble. When Toronto threatened a comeback the Bruins just added to their lead and took the home crowd out of the game. By the second half of the final period the game’s outcome wasn’t in doubt and the Bruins closed out the first game of their trans-Canada road trip without any trouble. They journey farther into the great white north later this week and the start times are going to start becoming later and later. Next stop is Calgary on Tuesday, so tune in. Do it.

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