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Bruins Game 28 Recap: Presume not ranicking.

Playing in Montreal is always special, mainly because (most) Habs fans are assholes (not you of course) and their building is loud as Hell with their drunken singing and general paranoia and arrogance bouncing off of each other like two neutrons in an atom (I think? I didn’t take physics and I’m amazed I spelled those words correctly. How does stuff work?). Tonight was extra special because Johnny Boychuk was checked into the boards and left with a scary-looking injury. Okay, maybe that’s not special. That’s more terrifying. Montreal was at least nice enough to give him a smattering of polite applause after he was stretchered off of the ice by the EMTs and sent to a local hospital. The latest reports say he’s at least healthy enough to leave the hospital and travel back to Boston with the team, so that’s a minor blessing.

What was not as much of a blessing was the man who accidentally injured him in the first place scoring the go-ahead goal in the second period. Max Pacioretty has been on a bit of a hot streak lately and his efforts put Montreal on top permanently. The Canadiens had clearly begun to wear down after playing three games in four days when the third period got underway, but Carey Price was just good enough to make a one-goal lead stand up. The Bruins played like a team that really wanted that second goal, but it never came. So the Bruins lost a game and the lead in the division and temporarily at least lost Johnny Boychuk. Now the team is headed back to New England to wait for the Penguins on Saturday night. It should be another fun contest with Pittsburgh, so watch it. I’m ordering you.

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