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Bruins Game 24 Recap: At least they got it right eventually?

Okay so it’s generally accepted that the Penguins are a pretty good team even though the division they play in is considered pretty bad. They’re in the playoffs every year and usually go pretty deep into the postseason in spite of the general challenge of doing so. They also have a guy named Sydney Crosby who’s pretty good when he isn’t vomiting and complaining about the lights. With all this in mind it was a pleasant sight to see the Bruins leading the Penguins by two at the first intermission and by one as the second intermission arrived. Oh, but it’s never that easy against a team as gifted as the Penguins. Pittsburgh tied the game in the third and it looked like overtime was going to happen before Chara scored on a wrist shot to give the Bruins another lead that you’d probably expect them to hold.

But yeah, not that easy. It’s never that easy. As time wound down the Penguins crashed the Boston net with their own goaltender pulled. Apparently the team’s focus was entirely on the puck because they let Crosby sneak behind the defense on the other side of the net and slam-dunk a pass past Rask with literally a second left on the clock to send the game into overtime. That sucks, right? Yeah man. But the Bruins repeatedly pressured the Pittsburgh net and Guy I Am Really Starting To Like Torey Krug put a shot past Marc-Andre Fleury to win it and send everyone home happy. Everyone except the Penguins I guess. But they get to beat up a wilting Maple Leafs team next so who cares?

The next Bruins game will be against the Red Wings on Wednesday night. Detroit is good, but thus far they haven’t been as good as the Bruins. Wll they surprise us all and prove that they’re actually better? I don’t have any idea. What? I can’t tell.

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