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Bruins Game 22 Recap: Orr the hills and far away.

It would be improper to blame this one on Tuukka Rask. After all, he’s played three games in the last four days and won two of them, including stealing Tuesday night’s marathon against the Rangers in New York. The goal he allowed on a weak dribbler in the second period was painful to watch, sure, but these things happen in hockey and it’s not as if Rask hasn’t already done the Bruins a lot of favors this week.

A better takeaway from this game might be how the Bruins played up to a very tough opponent from the Western conference and managed to tie the game up and take it into overtime before losing the shootout. The Western conference looks to be absurdly competitive this year, and thus far St. Louis has been one of it’s top teams. The Bruins managed to spend a great deal of time in the attacking zone and got more than a few good opportunities on the Blues’ net during the night. The only downside to the Bruins’ play was the lack of that third goal and the apparent frustration that Rask displayed after losing the shootout. Not a bad result from a “measuring stick” contest.

The next Bruins game is a matinee rematch on Saturday against the Hurricanes. Boston took advantage of Carolina’s generally shaky offense and won their last meeting at the PNC Arena, can they do it again? Yes, yes they can. That’s a dumb question and I’m ashamed to know you. Will they? Yeah, I don’t know. That’s a better question but I don’t know. I’m starting to trust you again though. Watch and find out!

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