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Bruins Game 21 Recap: I can’t think of a title but Tuukka Rask was good.

So it’s accepted that playing games on consecutive days is bad for hockey teams. It’s also accepted that this must be even harder for goaltenders to do with all the work that the average netminder has to put in during the average NHL contest. To make it harder on Tuukka Rask, New York was seeing the return of star power-forward Rick Nash after a monthlong absence with an injury. Oh, and New York has a very good goaltender of it’s own in Henrik Lundqvist. So of course tonight Tuukka started his second game in 24 hours and he managed to almost single-handedly win it for the Bruins.

Boston didn’t entirely resemble the tired team that they looked like when they played against the Senators on Friday night. But they did manage to leave Rask exposed at more than a few times and wound up forcing him to make 43 saves to get the win. The Bruins scored two goals on their first ten shots against Lundqvist, including the game-winning shorthanded tally on a breakaway by Daniel Paille. The Rangers generally missed opportunities or were foiled by Rask while the Bruins did their best to keep New York out of their end long enough for Tuukka to take a breather. Eventually time ran out on New York and Boston won on the back of it’s goaltender for the umpteenth time this year.

In slightly more negative news, Dennis Sidenberg left with an undisclosed injury and his condition won’t be updated until tomorrow. Matt Bartkowski also left after getting run into the boards but managed to return in spite of looking like he wasn’t skating at 100%. The Bruins head home now to wait to play the St. Louis Blues on Thursday. The Blues are a good team that doesn’t play against Boston very often, so I don’t know, check it out. See some hockey.

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