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Bruins Game 20 Recap: What a difference a weekend makes.

Two days rest really did the Bruins some good, didn’t it? Whereas last Friday night they played like a tired group against a team that they normally demolish, tonight they played like less-tired group against another team that they normally do well against. The first period tonight played out almost exactly like Friday’s did, with the Bruins generally outskating their opposition and taking a quick two-goal lead before surrendering a goal late in the first period and heading to the locker room ahead only by one. Unlike Friday night however, they actually held it together this time. The Bruins continued their lengthy consecutive penalties-killed streak after they ended up under a two-man disadvantage in the second period and then scored an insurance goal in the third when Cam Ward fell out of his net and Johnny Boychuck put the puck past him.

From there on it was almost all Bruins. Milan Lucic scored an empty-net goal to seal the deal with ten seconds remaining on the clock, but for all intents the game was over by that point. The Bruins had shown some signs of collapsing similarly to the way that they did against the Senators, but this time they held together and extended their lead instead of making mental errors and allowing the other team back into the game. It probably doesn’t hurt that the Bruins are a defensive-minded team and the Hurricanes have a horrible offense, but a win is a win. It’s another quick turnaround for the Bruins as the next game is tomorrow night (tonight?) against the Rangers in Madison Square Garden. The Rangers play has improved as of late and it’ll be another game without rest after some travel for the Bruins, so we’ll see how this turns out. Watch it. I’m ordering you.

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