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Bruins Game 19 Recap: Why I….. Ottawa.

One could argue that there are things like “scheduled losses” during almost any professional sports team’s regular season. Hockey is an especially brutal sport for teams to play, as the sheer physical exertion that one game takes is enough to wear almost any team out. The Bruins aren’t the sort of team that makes excuses though, and they did hold an 11-game winning streak at Scotiabank Pla- er, excuse me, the Canadian Tire Centre (seriously?) that has lasted since 2009. These sorts of indicators are the kind of things that suggest maybe the Bruins had more than a losing effort ahead of them as they headed north to play the Senators.

Ultimately though, they played an average “second game in two nights” game, taking the lead and coming out strong early while generally making Ottawa look bad. This didn’t last though, and by the third period mental errors and general bad play wound up costing the Bruins the contest. Clearing attempts failed, passes became turnovers, and the Bruins wound up allowing four unanswered goals after being up 2-0 in the first period to wind up losing 4-2. In addition, Dennis Sidenberg unintentionally decapitated Chris Neil and possibly may have earned a suspension of some sort. Positives from this might be, I don’t know, that the team has a weekend to recover from this outing and the long flight to Carolina.

The next Bruins game is on Monday night against the Hurricanes. Watch it, or else hockey will cease to exist.


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