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Bruins Game 18 Recap: Take Off Your Pants And Jacket.

Hey,  so the Blue Jackets aren’t so great. I mean, historically they haven’t been so great. The phrase “perennial joke” may have been tossed around there once or twice. I dunno. Then last season brought new hope with new management. Then this season began and the team was horrible again. Perhaps they were underperforming? Tonight they played like it, hanging with the Bruins until the bitter end and generally playing better than their record might indicate. The Bruins on the other hand were trying to take nine out of ten points in this five game homestand and hang with the resilient Stamkos-less Lightning. An opponent like the Blue Jackets might seem like a cakewalk for Boston, but as well all know you can’t take anything for granted and so on.

The Bruins couldn’t be accused of taking their opponents lightly or anything like that, as they fought back from an early deficit and took the lead before giving it up late in the second and remaining tied through the third. Perhaps the most dramatic moment in regulation time came when David Krejci was checked face-first into the boards during the first period and had to leave the game. He was back for the second period though, preventing fears of any long-term injury the collision might’ve caused. It was fairly quiet between the two teams in overtime until Milan Lucic blocked a shot and chased the puck all the way into the Blue Jackets’ zone to score a breakaway goal and send everyone home happy.

A successful homestand has put Boston in second place in the division and only three points out of first. The next Bruins game is tomorrow night against the perennially Canadian Ottawa Senators. It’s been a  down year so far for the Sens, will the quick turnaround give them a shot against the Bruins? I don’t know, tune in and watch.

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