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Bruins Game 17 Recap: Steven Stamkos died today (Spike Dudley did not).

Veteran’s Day is on a Monday this year. Yeah, who would’ve guessed it? Well, that meant afternoon hockey for the Bruins and lots of patriotism from the team and the broadcast. But honestly, all anyone is going to want to discuss is what happened to Steven Stamkos in the second period. In trying to get back to defend his net, Stamkos got caught up with Bruins defenseman Dougie Hamilton and lost his balance, and the two of them crashed into the goalpost. Stamkos apparently struck the post with his right shin and fractured his tibia, attempting to skate off before collapsing to the ice and requiring a stretcher to get him mobile again. The latest reports are that Stamkos will require surgery tomorrow and may miss up to six months. Obviously that puts him out for the entire regular season and probably the first two rounds of the playoffs, assuming that the Lightning make it that far.

There was a game in between the Lightning player deaths. Patrice Bergeron, himself no stranger to horrific injuries, had a very good game once again, scoring the only goal the Bruins would need just shortly after the Stamkos injury before Daniel Paille added another just seconds later. Tuukka Rask had another solid outing and picked up his second shutout of the season with 28 saves. All in all a good outing for the Bruins, ignoring what truly is a tragic injury for the league as a whole. Stamkos had been tied with Sydney Crosby for the league lead in points before the day began, and was probably on his way to another season as one of the league’s brightest young stars. The Lightning were at the top of the division under his play, and while it’s hard to argue that one player alone could be responsible for the team’s success, it’s still a huge blow to the team’s season to lose their best player until possibly next year.

In the meantime, the Bruins’ next game is on Thursday night against the once-again terrible Columbus Blue Jackets. Will the Jackets remain awful against Boston, or will their luck finally change against the Bruins? Damn, I hate hyping stuff. Makes me feel lame. It’s hockey, watch it you squares.

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