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Week 10 NFL picks

Instead of forgetting, as I have been doing, I only *almost* forgot to do picks this week. It’s a step up!

Home teams in CAPS; lines via SAS Eliminator

Washington -1 over VIKINGS
Eagles +1 over PACKERS
TITANS -12 over Jaguars (reverse eliminator pick)
STEELERS -3 over Bills
GIANTS -9.5 over Raiders
COLTS -9.5 over Rams (eliminator pick)
Seahawks -5 over FALCONS
Bengals -1 over RAVENS
Lions +1 over BEARS
NINERS -6.5 over Panthers
CARDINALS -1 over Texans
Broncos -7 over CHARGERS
SAINTS -7 over Cowboys
Dolphins -1 over BUCS

Last week: 6-6
Season: 61-65-4
Eliminator: 6-3
Reverse eliminator: 9-0

Sportspun–get this–has some differing opinions:

PACKERS -1 over Eagles
Jaguars +12 over TITANS
Bills +3 over STEELERS
Rams +9.5 over COLTS
RAVENS +1 over Bengals
BUCS +1 over Dolphins
Eliminator: Titans
Reverse eliminator: Panthers

Last week: 9-4
Season: 60-68-5
Eliminator: 9-0
Reverse eliminator: 8-1

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