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Bruins Game 14 Recap: Tyler Seguin and his bad attitude return. By the way, did you know Tyler Seguin had a bad attitude?

Okay so lots of things can happen in hockey, especially with the salary cap being introduced two lockouts ago and teams needing to save money just to get under the cap. In that spirit, star players occasionally have to be cut loose in order to maintain competitive balance. When it came time to balance out the roster last July, Bruins upper-management decided to cut loose star prospect 21 year-old Tyler Seguin, who was acquired through the draft with one of the picks the team received in the Phil Kessel trade. Tonight marked his return with his new team, the Dallas Stars and their horrible Adobe Illustrator uniforms. What commentators discussed most was Seguin’s “bad attitude” being the main reason for his departure. What this bad attitude entails wasn’t expounded upon nearly as much, although one has to imagine it has something to do with “trying to score goals while being a Bruin” or “being 21 years old and a Bruin.”

Whatever. With the idiots in the stands booing Seguin every chance that they got (why?), you had to figure he was going to end up affecting the game somehow. And he did, but first the Bruins had to give up a goal on a penalty shot and then fail to score on a power-play with regulation time running out and then in overtime. Seguin, with the crowd against him, scored the Stars’ first goal in the shootout. Then another Bruin Who Was Stupidly Traded along with Seguin, Rich Peverley, scored in the fourth round of the shootout to end it and give the Stars an extra point.

So there you have it. Probably the low point of the season, not as much for the result but for the way a player foolishly cut loose came back to haunt the team in front of an inexplicably hostile crowd. Louis Eriksson’s return was a high point at least, as he came back from a concussion to play through a game successfully without being stretchered off again. The Bruins are back on Thursday against known quitter Tim Thomas and the Florida Panthers, unless Thomas decides he’s too hurt to play again and leaves it up to whoever currently makes a living playing backup goalie for the Florida Panthers of the NHL. Tune in.

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