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World Series Game Six recap: Maddon is buying new glasses. This is better.

Highest WPA: Shane Victorino, .329 (2-3, 2B, 4 RBI, BB)
Lowest WPA: Xander Bogaerts, -.084 (0-4, K, 6 LOB)

After all the anger, pessimism, blame-throwing, budget-lamenting, whining we’ve done here… the 2013 Boston Red Sox proved to be the best team in baseball. Why? How? Who the hell knows? We’ve seen inexplicably disappointing things from Red Sox teams; let’s not waste time acting like baseball will or should ever make sense.

Coming into the year, my crazy optimism for this team amounted to “we could have a shot at the second wildcard and play entertaining baseball; that’s better than 2012!” Instead, the Red Sox were just the best. They played .600 or better in four of six regular-season months, including an 18-8 April. But of course, no one celebrates the 2001 Mariners; regular season success is a great way to keep a smile on your face during summer, but letting it matter in the playoffs is a different thing.

And the Red Sox weren’t content to be a good team bouncing back from the Bobby Valentine era; they had to take their success into the postseason. Up against strong competition in every round, they never fell into an elimination game. When the Tigers put up a 5-0 lead threatening to take the second game of the ALCS, they got some guys on and let David Ortiz stun Joaquin Benoit. When the Cardinals won consecutive games on wild throws from home past third, Jonny Gomes hit a home run and Koji Uehara got a third out pickoff. None of it was likely, none of it made much sense, but… everything worked out. Here we are. Congratulations, Red Sox.

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