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World Series Game Two recap: Calling Salty a catcher is a Cardinal sin. Wacha Wacha!

Highest WPA: David Ortiz (2-3, HR, 2 RBI, BB)
Lowest WPA: Craig Breslow, -.415 (1/3 IP, H, BB)

It was bound to happen. I’d remarked several times in the ALCS that it felt like the Tigers could have won any of those games (except the clincher, which always felt inevitable) but the Red Sox didn’t let them catch any sort of breaks. Today, the Cardinals caught some breaks. And Jarrod Saltalamacchia didn’t catch much of anything.

John Lackey was brilliant for six innings, but couldn’t make it through the seventh after David Ortiz handed him a 2-1 lead. Craig Breslow was not sharp, but a half-decent catcher probably catches one part of a double steal to get the second out of the inning. Instead, the Cardinals put runners on second and third, Daniel Descalso walked, and Matt Carpenter hit a fly ball to Jonny Gomes.

It was a routine play, one on which Gomes had a chance but not an expectation of getting the out at the plate. His throw was decent. Salty’s handling of it was not. The ball skipped away, Breslow tried to get the third out at third base, and the throw sailed down the line. And that was it. The Sox got the leadoff man on in the eight, but Shane Victorino’s back to looking useless and Carlos Martinez just outpitched the heart of the order.

Meanwhile, John Farrell left early for a midnight release of “Batman: Arkham Origins.” At least, that’s what I assume happened, because if the Red Sox had a manager at that point, Jonny Gomes would not have led off the ninth. Stephen Drew acknowledged his slump and asked Daniel Nava to hit for him, but by then, Gomes and Salty (yet again) had struck out against Trevor Rosenthal.

So the Red Sox are where they were after 2 games of the ALCS; it doesn’t feel as good to drop game two instead of winning it in dramatic fashion, but 1-1 going on the road isn’t a death sentence. Jake Peavy is a good pitcher and has a chance at redemption. And if there’s an outright silver lining to being 1-1 instead of 2-0, we can finally put this “perfect playoff record when Gomes starts” bullshit to bed, right? RIGHT?!?

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