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Week 8 NFL picks

Damn it, Goog, you had one job! ONE JOB!

Home teams in caps; lines from SAS Eliminator

Panthers -6.5 over BUCS (no, I didn’t actually make this pick. But I would have!)
CHIEFS -9.5 over Browns
PATRIOTS -6.5 over Dolphins
SAINTS -11 over Bills (reverse eliminator pick)
Cowboys +3 over LIONS
EAGLES -5.5 over Giants
Steelers -1 over RAIDERS
BENGALS -6.5 over Jets (eliminator pick)
Falcons +1 over CARDINALS
BRONCOS -13 over Washington
Niners -14.5 over JAGUARS
Packers -9.5 over VIKINGS
Seahawks -11.5 over RAMS

Last week: 8-7
Season: 48-54-4
Eliminator: 4-3
Reverse eliminator: 7-0

Sportspun, naturally, had some differing opinions:

LIONS -3 over Cowboys
RAIDERS +1 over Steelers
Jets +6.5 over BENGALS
Washington +13 over BRONCOS
RAMS +11.5 over Seahawks
Eliminator: Saints
Reverse eliminator: Washington

Last week: 8-7
Season: 45-58-5
Eliminator: 7-0
Reverse eliminator: 6-1

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