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Bruins Game 6 Recap: There was hockey tonight too, guys!

Once upon a time Tim Thomas was the undisputed goalie king of the Boston Bruins. Then he decided that our President Barack Hussein Obama was a secret Mos-lam or something and he wasn’t going to play the 2012-2013 season because why bother? Then he was traded to the Islanders who didn’t get a single game out of him and now he’s a Florida Panther I guess. Stuff happens in the NHL. You should watch hockey.

Tonight the Bruins got their first shot at their ex-goalie since he broke out of the communist hellhole that is New England and made for the sunny shores of Sunrise, Florida. Road games in tense situations like these are usually overwhelmed by the excitement of the home fans, but the Florida Panthers have no fans. Instead the Bruins took an early lead on their former goaltender in front of a building half-filled with confused onlookers and homeless people after Daniel Pallie lifted a wrist shot over Thomas. The Panthers were pretty eager to fall over themselves over the first half of the game or so, as they allowed the Bruins many chances in the offensive zone and generally just played like a team that wasn’t even sure themselves why they existed.

Unfortunately a Panther comeback was in the books, as the team tied the game with exactly six minutes remaining in the final period. Things looked like they were headed to overtime until some wise omnipotent being looked down from the heavens and remembered that Tim Thomas is a huge fucking asshole and allowed a backhander from Reilly Smith to slip through his pads and give the Bruins a regulation victory against their old teammate. Suck it, Timmy. This team doesn’t need you and it never did. No, I’m not speaking out of pain. We really don’t need you, jerk. We met a new goalie and he’s ten times the goalie you ever were. Enjoy Florida or whatever. Loser.

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