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ALCS Game Four recap: You put the “ass” in “embarassment”

Highest WPA: Mike Napoli, .043 (2-4, 2B, R)
Lowest WPA: Jake Peavy, -.314 (3 IP, 5 H, 3 BB, K, 7 ER)

Well, that was a disaster. I was bullish on Peavy when we acquired him, oddly underwhelmed during most of his tenure, and then thrilled with his ALDS start. Tonight… well, this was outside of even the concerns I had mounting through August and September (but sadly, my #1 choice of recap titles was taken). It wasn’t fly balls, it wasn’t the lack of strikeouts, it was a total inability to find the strike zone. Peavy walked in a run, and while Dustin Pedroia’s unturned double play extended the inning, the solid contact that followed didn’t suggest Peavy was likely to find a groove and escape his trouble.

As early as that second inning, Brandon Workman warmed up. Yes, the team that found roster spots for Ryan Dempster and Felix Doubront at the expense of a third catcher or second pinch runner said, “our guy’s in trouble in the second? Let’s get the guy we’ve occasionally used in short relief!” Carrying two long men was a questionable call all along; carrying two long men who you don’t use as long men is just batshit crazy. Doubront, Dempster, and Franklin Morales would each work an inning later on, which makes you wonder what they’re giving us that Matt Thornton couldn’t have done with more upside.

So hey, it’s a damn good thing a hobbled Miguel Cabrera went down uneventfully yesterday; it’s a blessing that David Ortiz got a grooved pitch from Joaquin Benoit on Sunday. But for a pair of huge plays, this series could have been swept as easily as it is tied. The Red Sox will send Jon Lester out tomorrow hoping for at least a repeat of his Game One performance; they’ll also figure Anibal Sanchez can’t be any more frustrating than he was in that near no-hitter. Unfortunately, it seems they’ll also keep counting on Will Middlebrooks and Stephen Drew instead of giving a start to Xander Bogaerts, who just keeps proving himself when given the chance. Until then, I’ll just be rocking in a corner and sobbing quietly about the improbability of Jose Iglesias’ career of infield hits.

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