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ALCS Game One recap: A hit

Highest WPA: Jon Lester, .178 (6 1/3 IP, 6 H, BB, 4 K, ER)
Lowest WPA: Stephen Drew, -.229 (0-3, 2 K, BB, 4 LOB; sadly, WPA doesn’t include HOLY SHIT catches preserving close games)

At The Sporting Nerds, we have a history of lamenting Anibal Sanchez ending up in Detroit, and this is one of the uglier chapters in that story. We don’t know that it was a matter of money, and maybe he didn’t want to come back to a team that traded him away, but… damn, imagine the Red Sox with Sanchez instead of Ryan Dempster.

And keep imagining that for the next six months, because it’s better than the probable conclusion of this season.

But at least we avoided real ignominy. The Red Sox completed a day of 1-0 LCS action, but thanks to Daniel Nava, history will show it as an effectively wild Anibal Sanchez and strong bullpen, rather than a humiliating display of hitless impotence.

And honestly, it really does feel a lot better for that. The Sox go into an 0-1 hole with Max Scherzer looming before the road stretch of the series, but if you’re watching baseball for pure entertainment rather than imparting a sense of “worthiness” or “character” to give meaning or depth to your allegiance… well, that was as much suspense as baseball can offer. The story ended with the protagonists scoring a tiny moral victory on which to hang their remaining hopes. It’s not the feel-good drama of the year, but it’s one that you can stomach and move on with “the sequel’s probably gonna suck, but who knows?”

We’ll start finding out in 19.5 hours.

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