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Week 6 NFL picks

Yes, I’m still here, and yes, we’re still doing this nonsense. Sportspun has been knocking the baseball coverage out of the park, but our football picks? Ehhhh…

Home teams in CAPS; lines from SAS Eliminator

BEARS -9.5 over Giants
Packers -1 over RAVENS
Bengals -7 over BILLS
Lions -1 over BROWNS
TEXANS -9 over Rams
Panthers +1 over VIKINGS
CHIEFS -9.5 over Raiders
JETS -1 over Steelers
Eagles -1 over BUCS
BRONCOS -26 over Jaguars
SEAHAWKS -13.5 over Titans (reverse eliminator pick)
Saints +1 over PATRIOTS
NINERS -11 over Cardinals (eliminator pick)
COWBOYS -6 over Washington
Colts -1 over CHARGERS

Last week: 6-8
Season: 32-40-4
Eliminator: 2-3
Reverse eliminator: 5-0

As you might imagine, Sportspun and I have disagreed some, althought lately going with him has been even worse than going with me!

Giants +9.5 over BEARS
BROWNS +1 over Lions
VIKINGS -1 over Panthers
Jaguars +26 over BRONCOS
Cardinals +11 over NINERS
Eliminator: Niners
Reverse eliminator: Giants

Last week: 6-8
Season: 29-43-5
Eliminator: 5-0
Reverse eliminator: 4-1

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