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Red Sox ALDS Game 1 recap: We want Moore

Highest WPA: Jonny Gomes, .136 (1-4, BB, 2B, 2 RBI, 2 R, K, GIDP)
Lowest WPA: Mike Napoli, -.076 (1-4, BB, 2B, RBI, R, 2 LOB, K)

To Goog’s credit, he’s reigned in his “aces always beat us” theory to be “holy crap, David Price is having a ridiculous season.” But apropos of that aces theory… Matt Moore allowed a .102/.170/.204 line in 15 innings for 2 starts this year against the Sox. He was very much one of those aces we were meant to fear. And we beat him.

Sure, it might’ve been a different game if not for Wil Myers making a (non-error, which underscores how much errors are a BS statistic) misplay that will get his name chanted every time he plays in Boston for a long time. But even before that, the Sox played their game: they worked long innings and had Moore over 40 pitches after two frames. And after the Myers play, the wheels really came off for the usually fundamentally sound Rays: Stephen Drew got an RBI infield hit; Sean Rodriguez misplayed a carom off the Monster; Jose Lobaton had a passed ball; and the Sox got a solid lead before terrorizing Tampa Bay’s bullpen for insurance.

Meanwhile, stupid Jon Lester had the temerity to make me look stupid, throwing yet another gem after his second-half renaissance. He give up two home runs, including a “classic Lester” meatball after what should have finished off Sean Rodriguez, but against the Rays, in the playoffs, at Fenway? You really couldn’t have asked for more.

All around, today set a great tone for the playoffs; the Sox played well, and when their opponent made mistakes, they cashed in. Of course, while Moore can dominate, he’s not David Price; it’ll be an awful lot more challenging to work pitch counts for tomorrow’s strike-throwing starter, but worst comes to worst? Now we know we can beat Moore if he gets another start this series. I’d much prefer to take the pressure off and hand Price a stunning defeat tomorrow night.

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