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Bruins Game 1 Recap: We’re back, jerks.

Hope Summer went well for you.  Did it? The Red Sox did much much better than expected so if you read this blog then the answer to that question is probably “yes.” The Bruins were also having themselves a pretty good Summer too, up until the point where they lost the Stanley Cup and had to go home and think about it for three months. But now the leaves are changing, the weather is getting shittier, and hockey is back. Time for revenge and all that, and who better to pummel this week than a team from Tampa? Yeah, I thought so.

If you predicted that Chris Kelly would score the first Bruins goal of the year on a penalty shot, you’re probably a damn psychic. It was the first penalty shot of Kelly’s career and he managed to deke Anders Lindbäck as if he’d been doing it for years.  Brand new “we couldn’t get him at the deadline but then we signed him as a free agent” acquisition Jarome Iginla didn’t tally any points in his Bruins debut, but he did take exception to a hit by Radko Gudas in the second period and fought him to a standstill, which automatically makes him popular with hockey fans who love grit and effort and junk like that.

The Bruins battled out of penalty trouble in the second and third periods and managed to hold onto the lead in spite of dealing with two separate 5-on-3 situations. Eventually Patrice Bergeron scored an unassisted goal during a 4-on-3 situation to put Boston up by two for the rest of the game. Back at last, the Bruins won their first game of the year and look like the same strong team that finished last year with a championship almost within reach. It’s going to be a long winter, so, you know,, watch hockey.

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