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Week 4 NFL picks

A day late, and in my case a pick short. I would have picked the 49ers over the Rams, really I would have, but at this point that’s like saying I really would have bought all that apple stock back in 1993. Oh well.

Home teams in CAPS; lines from SAS Eliminator

Ravens -3 over BILLS
Cardinals +1 over BUCS
CHIEFS -4 over Giants
Colts -9.5 over JAGUARS
Seahawks -1 over TEXANS
BROWNS +3.5 over Bengals
Bears +3 over LIONS
Washington -3 over RAIDERS
BRONCOS -10.5 over Eagles (reverse eliminator pick)
Cowboys -1 over CHARGERS
TITANS -3.5 over Jets (eliminator pick)
VIKINGS +3 over Steelers
FALCONS -1 over Patriots
SAINTS -6.5 over Dolphins

Last week: 7-8-1
Season: 16-28-4
Eliminator: 1-2
Reverse eliminator: 3-0 (I still have something to cling to!)

Sportspun picked the Rams, so we’re both idiots (again). Here’s where he disagrees with me:

BILLS +3 over Ravens
BUCS -1 over Cardinals
Bengals -3.5 over BROWNS
Giants +4 over CHIEFS
TEXANS +1 over Seahawks
Eagles +10.5 over BRONCOS
Steelers -3 over VIKINGS
Eliminator: Broncos
Reverse eliminator: Eagles

I’d just like to point out that he’s putting all of his eggs into the “The Eagles are going to lose, but not by a lot” basket. That seems like a small basket to hold all of those eggs.

Last week: 6-8-2
Season: 18-26-4
Eliminator: 3-0
Reverse eliminator: 3-0

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