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Red Sox Game 159 recap: I’m the reformed cool guy who’s learned the error of his ways

Highest WPA: Shane Victorino, .254 (3-5, HR, 3 RBI, 2 R)
Lowest WPA: Jake Peavy, -.069 (6 IP, 8 H, 4 BB, 5 K, 5 ER, HR)

It was pretty clear, I hope, that I barely believed my own rationalizations yesterday. Sure, it does interest me that the wildcard team in the American League isn’t at quite as steep a disadvantage as the National League’s, but that’s still no reason to say “gosh, I’d rather face the Tigers right away!” Getting best record in the American League isn’t as good as getting best record in the National League, but it’s better than not getting either. Hell, short series are weird; maybe Josh Donaldson goes on a one-week “NOW who’s the best third baseman in the world?!?” tear and Oakland beats Detroit. And that’s treating the ALCS as a foregone conclusion, not a privilege for ALDS winners. So yes, it would be better to face a team that had to play one extra super-important game, even if there’s a day of rest the NL doesn’t get.

Fortunately, the Red Sox offense woke up in a big way tonight, and they got some help from Jered Weaver finishing his year in strong fashion against the A’s earlier this afternoon. Jake Peavy, on the other hand, capped off a mediocre September with a lousy start that probably won’t knock him out of the playoff rotation, but isn’t building confidence in him over John Lackey for Game Three (versus Game Four or, if we suck, getting bumped for a tired Lester-or-Clay). I love Peavy and am optimistic about his true talent, but it’s been an underwhelming month. He did, however, join an offensive barrage that saw every non-Pedroia starter get a hit and the 6-9 hitters all add extra bases. If a two-homer game is the start of a “Will Middlebrooks super-hot fortnight” thing, well, it’d be coming at a nice time. (Except for the fact we’re still eight days from the playoffs, and four days off just about guarantees the end of any “timing is exactly right” groove he might have found. Damn it.)

Three games in Baltimore left. Let’s avoid a disaster this time.

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