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Red Sox Game 157 recap: Knuckling down

Highest WPA: Jackie Bradley, Jr., .214 (1-3, HR, 3 RBI)
Lowest WPA: Mike Carp, -.055 (0-3, 2 K, 1 LOB)

While the team tries to lock up homefield advantage, some individual players are playing for a spot on the postseason roster. Felix Doubront may well be one of those; there’s no need for a fifth starter, and there are plenty of lefthanded relievers already. Still, he did all that he could today; he only got two strikeouts, but he only walked two batters, and he induced enough weak contact to limit the Jays to just three hits on balls that didn’t leave the park.

Jackie Bradley is another guy on the postseason roster bubble; if Jacoby Ellsbury comes back healthy, it’s hard to find room for Bradley unless you want to suggest carrying a second designated pinch runner after Quintin Berry. Bradley also aided his cause today with a long home run; if Ells isn’t ready to go, or maybe even if the team decides to take ten pitchers instead of eleven, I could see Bradley making the roster for the divisional series.

One man who didn’t help his cause: Franklin Morales. It shouldn’t exactly come as a surprise that he’s wild and unreliable, but since at least one of my co-bloggers is under the impression that he’s “averageish,” it did my heart good to see him walk a batter, throw a wild pitch, and generally have no idea where the ball was going once it left his hand. You can mostly get away with non-existent control if you post elite strikeout numbers, like Andrew Miller, but Franklin Morales isn’t Andrew Miller. The prospect of Morales pitching in a critical postseason situation nauseates me.

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