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Red Sox Game 153 recap: Franklin says “relax”

Highest WPA: Junichi Tazawa, .206 (1 1/3 IP, K)
Lowest WPA: Stephen Drew, -.302 (1-5, K, 4 LOB, GIDP)

A lesser blogger on this site might use this space to take potshots at a perfectly useful, average-ish reliever in Franklin Morales, whose BABIP luck since returning from injury (.138/.275/.138, .174 BABIP) started correcting itself with 3 singles on 8 balls in play tonight. Instead, I’ll simply note that we’ve blown our chance to clinch the division against the Orioles unless we want to let this get really nerve-wracking and probably lose home field advantage (if you’re not scoreboard-watching, the Tigers got shut out by Seattle, and Oakland blew a lead to lose in extras, so at least we kept pace with the other division leaders).

While Jake Peavy was more than adequate, that constitutes a disappointment given my love of Peavy; three doubles in seven innings was not a fun complement to “hey, he finally remembered how to get strikeouts.” But the offense couldn’t give him decent support for a win, and instead went silent after getting him out of a loss in the 6th. Rule of thumb: when you ground into multiple extra-inning double plays, you’re probably having a very disappointing night.

Speaking of disappointing: Jackie Bradley. Dude’s 23 years old and has none of the issues that are associated with the theory of AAAA players, but holy crap, this is ugly. With every plate appearance, his prospect stock takes a small blow, and Jacoby Ellsbury looks forward to another, say, $50,000. But with Shane Victorino being as frail an outfielder as we have… ouch.

And yet, we still have the best record in MLB, and we’ve been winning September games at a torrid pace. Baseball’s weird and stupid like that. It can also be weird in awesome ways, like “John Lackey is pitching tomorrow and I’m not treating that as a negative,” for example.

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