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Highest WPA: [Dustin Pedroia] [David Ortiz] [Koji Uehara] [The field]
Lowest WPA: [Ryan Dempster] [Jarrod Saltalamacchia] [Junichi Tazawa] [The field]
[Highest BAC: Drake Britton]

The Red Sox [won] [lost]! [Hooray] [Boo]! The game meant basically nothing, which has been the case for the past few weeks, really, but…it’s the principle of the thing, you know? This is what September of 2011 should have been like: A long series of meaningless games, occasionally punctuated by a jumping up and down party when the team clinches a playoff berth. That [was] [wasn’t] the case tonight, as [the Sox won and Cleveland lost] [Cleveland won] [Cleveland’s game was meaningless because the Sox lost].

Ryan Dempster, left in the starting rotation instead of Felix Doubront because [we might actually use Doubront as a reliever in the playoffs] [having four lefties in the pen just wasn’t enough] [management is desperate to justify giving $26 million to an aging pitcher who was only good in the National League and had been terrible in the American League last year], was [terrible yet again] [surprisingly decent]. Hopefully this outing [convinces John Farrell] [doesn’t make John Farrell think] that he [shouldn’t] [should] be on the playoff roster as anything more than an innings eater in blowouts.

Speaking of John Farrell, he [nearly?] cost the Sox yet another win by [bunting] [ordering an intentional walk] [pinch running for a good hitter] [leaving Dempster in too long] [the field]. It’s hard to get too upset, because just about every manager in baseball would probably do the same exact thing, but…ughh. At least I got to look at [a dominant offensive performance] [excellent pitching] [great defense] [Jenny Dell], and that makes it all worth it.

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