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Week 2 NFL Picks

Well, since Week 1 went so well, we just had to bring it back, didn’t we? Christ. I barely managed to beat Sportspun last week, although we both have a long way to go before even getting back to .500, let along respectable. Let’s start that climb.

Home teams in CAPS; lines provided by SAS Eliminator

PATRIOTS -11 over Jets
EAGLES -9.5 over Chargers
COLTS -1 over Dolphins
Washington +9.5 over PACKERS
Panthers -1 over BILLS
Saints -3.5 over BUCS
RAIDERS -6 over Jaguars
SEAHAWKS -3 over 49ers
FALCONS -7 over Rams (reverse eliminator pick)
Cowboys +3 over CHIEFS
TEXANS -9 over Titans
RAVENS -6.5 over Browns (eliminator pick)
BEARS -6.5 over Vikings
Lions -1 over CARDINALS
Broncos -4.5 over GIANTS
Steelers +7 over BENGALS

Last week: 4-10-2
Season: 4-10-2
Eliminator: 0-1
Reverse eliminator: 1-0

  1. September 12, 2013 at 10:28 PM

    Agreed except for: Chargers +9.5 vs. Eagles (stupid gut thing); Packers -9.5 over Redskins; Jaguars +6 over Raiders; Rams +7 over Falcons; Titans +9 over Texans (hedging there with Titans as reverse eliminator pick); Bengals -7 over Steelers.

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