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Red Sox Game 146 recap: Price is no object

Highest WPA: Clay Buchholz, .255 (5 IP, 4 H, BB, 6 K)
Lowest WPA: Will Middlebrooks, -.053 (0-3, K, 1 LOB)

You know what I love right now? Uneventful baseball. Sure, there’s nothing like a good playoff chase, and the scramble for the AL wildcard spots should keep meaningful baseball going into the final week of the year. And come October, it’s all high drama.

But tonight? David Price was on top of his game, but the Sox scored twice in the fifth (thanks to a leadoff double and some – ugh – small ball), and that was it. And that’s great. Clay Buchholz’s return was about as good as we could expect, but playing it safe with a low pitch count (74, and 44 of those for strikes) meant two nail-biting innings out of Craig Breslow, who walked the first batter he saw and another with one out in the seventh.

And did we see what Playoff Farrell might look like? Because while we’ve criticized the Boston skipper plenty, he had a very quick hook tonight and pulled Junichi Tazawa on nothing more than a two-out double in a two-run game. Koji Uehara continued being KOJI UEHARA and added four more outs to his “relief perfect game,” and with a mind-blowingly small amount of suspense, the Red Sox cut their magic number down to ten.

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