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Red Sox Game 135 recap: Workman for the streak-end


Highest WPA: Daniel Nava, .203 (3-4, 2 2B, R)
Lowest WPA: Jonny Gomes, -.432 (0-4, K, GIDP, 3 LOB)

Okay, fine, Brandon Workman’s poor process (3 walks in less than 2 innings) didn’t tangibly hurt the result, but damn it, titling is hard so we’re gonna run that “joke” into the ground unless there’s a better story.

And really… there’s not. If they lose tomorrow, I’ll get pessimistic, but unless you’re aiming for a massive winning streak instead of just looking at the end-of-year results, this was one of those routine losses. If there’s meaningful momentum in baseball, I don’t think Boston’s was killed here. Jon Lester… is not an ace anymore. This isn’t news. His 6-inning, 112-pitch outing was pretty unimpressive, but not enough to frustrate.

Goog’s hatred of Will Middlebrooks (0-3, K) isn’t going to let up tonight, Chris Tillman (how’s he for a cautionary tale about freely throwing around prospects? Traded for Erik Bedard more than six and a half years ago, he’s given the Orioles 78 starts of almost-average-ness for an eighth of what the Sox are paying Ryan Dempster this year) and the Baltimore pen kept Dustin Pedroia and David Ortiz off base, too. 2013’s splits being the limited sample that they are, Jonny Gomes making outs against righties is also no surprise – though that double play in the 9th cut the team’s chances by over 30%. On the plus side, Shane Victorino’s offensive onslaught continued with his seventh home run of the month.

Oddly, I was wondering just earlier today how teams keep themselves motivated all season. Right now, I could understand shrugging this one off and saying we’ll get ’em tomorrow. Of course, with Ryan Dempster having a 50% chance of being a batting practice pitcher, I’m hoping the offense has a more specific game plan.

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