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Red Sox Game 132 recap: It’s just what they bring, okay?

Highest WPA: Jake Peavy, .182 (9 IP, 3 H, ER, BB, 5 K; 0-4, 3 LOB)
Lowest WPA: Will Middlebrooks, -.129 (1-4, 2 K, R, GIDP, 3 LOB)

Whatever it is, Jake Peavy certainly had it working tonight. Games like this–Sunday night, national audience, rubber game of a series with the hottest team in baseball–are why we got him. Aside from one mistake (which at least allowed me to smile at the success of a player I personally like), he was in control throughout, and he led the Red Sox to completing a road trip that was much more successful than their last one, against much tougher opposition.

Of course, Peavy didn’t do it alone. The offense put up eight runs for him, including three home runs–one by Shane Victorino, who continues to bat righthanded against righthanded pitching and continues to be pretty awesome at it. At this point, I’m less annoyed that Shane’s playing hurt–again–and more nervous that he’s going to eventually go back to batting lefty once his hamstring feels better. Sportspun and I disagree on just how good a hitter Victorino is from the left side, but it’s hard to argue that, at least in this tiny sample, he’s been significantly better from the right. If he can keep this up–or, more likely, until he proves that he can’t–I say that he should just not switch back. A few fewer infield singles is worth an overall increase in production.

One last thing: Will Middlebrooks struck out twice tonight, giving him 13 punchouts against just four walks* since his return from Pawtucket. If he keeps putting up a .450 BABIP, that won’t matter…but nobody can keep putting up a .450 BABIP.

* The number is actually seven, but three of those have come with a pitcher batting behind him. Those don’t count.

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