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Red Sox Game 127 recap: Nothing to do with the Yankees

Highest WPA: Jon Lester, .235 (8 1/3 IP, 6 H, 2 BB, 3 K)
Lowest WPA: Dustin Pedroia, -.100 (1-5, 3B, K, 5 LOB, 2 GIDP)

We got sidetracked with serious talk about morality and values in sport, and having to wait all day for a late west coast game didn’t help. But the Sox proved much more focused on winning tonight, jumping out to an early three-run lead and steadily adding on. It helped, of course, that the Giants are a bad team and Tim Lincecum is a shell of what he once was. But our shell-of-an-ace starter sent down the first nine men he faced, and while he still isn’t striking opponents out as much as I’d like, he didn’t give me any excuse for concern tonight.

On the other hand, I’m still iffy about John Farrell’s decision-making. Even in a world where the Sox didn’t tack on a pair in the ninth, why leave Lester out there to start an inning at 107 pitches? Complete games are nice, but they’re a luxury for guys who’ve been efficient with their pitches. A seven-run lead is the sort of time I’d have wanted to see Brayan Villarreal (this week’s Jose De La Torre/Rubby De La Rosa/Steven De La Wright) or Drake Britton. Instead, Lester got left in with no upside and risk to his future, and then Brandon Workman (on whom I’ve started to come around as a decent long man) probably made himself unavailable tomorrow. If you’re carrying seven relievers, have the common sense to use the worst of them when you’re up a touchdown. That’s all I’m asking here. (Incidentally, Dennis Eckersley was all in favor of guys getting 27 outs because that’s how it used to be or some shit. Just for the record, if anyone wonders why I hate whenever Eck’s in the booth.)

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