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Red Sox Game 127 preview: Do they give trophies for hitting the most guys for stupid petty bullshit?

Cause if they do, man, I can’t wait to see Lester throw at Guillermo Mota or something. Failing that, let’s just try to win the baseball game, hmm?

1. CF Jacoby Ellsbury – .296/.356/.424 (.342 wOBA)
2. RF Shane Victorino – .280/.330/.401 (.323)
3. 2B Dustin Pedroia – .291/.370/.400 (.341)
4. 1B David Ortiz – .327/.408/.588 (.417)
5. C Jarrod Saltalamacchia – .270/.338/.452 (.343)
6. LF Daniel Nava – .290/.377/.431 (.356)
7. SS Stephen Drew – .245/.327/.421 (.327)
8. 3B Will Middlebrooks – .223/.268/.424 (.300)
9. P Jon Lester – .000/.037/.000 (career; that’s 0-25 with a walk and a handful of sacrifices)

SP Jon Lester – 156.2 IP, 132 K, 51 BB, 18 HR; 4.31 ERA (97 ERA+)
3.94 FIP, 3.88 xFIP, 4.51 tERA, 3.96 SIERA

Hopefully nobody on the Giants ever snubbed Lester at a party, and we won’t have to give them a free baserunner after missing the guy three times. Benching Napoli to stick Papi at first base makes the most sense, at least in a world where stopping the stupidity that is pitchers hitting is off the table. After all, baseball has more appropriate things to worry about, like suspending one of its ten best players ever for the rest of time because he looked at Bud Selig funny or has weird-colored lips or whatever stupid reason MLB wants to trot out now.

In other news, Xander Bogaerts is finally free, although he isn’t playing because nobody learned anything from the last crappy infielder to have a lucky BABIP streak. Hopefully he’ll be the everyday third baseman before Middlebrooks’ inevitable cooldown costs the team the division lead; in the meantime, we’ll hopefully at least get to see him play short against lefthanders and hit for Victorino in anything resembling a critical situation.

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  1. August 19, 2013 at 6:48 PM

    You take winning too seriously.

    Oh my god what is happening to me?!

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