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Red Sox Game 126 recap: Macho stupidity

Highest WPA: Will Middlebrooks, .190 (2-3, BB, 2B, HR, 0 LOB, 0 K)
Lowest WPA: Drunk Britton, -.260 (1/3 IP, 2 H)
Highest BAC: Drunk Britton, ??? (unknown alcohol consumption, but clearly enough to rob him of the semblance of ability he briefly had weeks ago)

Good job waking a sleeping giant. I’m fine with “sending a message” or just trying to put showboating or, say, drunk-driving or wife-beating players on the DL. And I know many players have that level of contempt (the one for showboaters, not the one for guys who get off without any negative reaction from media or other players for acts that physically endanger others) for PED users, even though the line defining “performance enhancer” is arbitrarily drawn. But if you’re going to take action like that – an early, non-trivial, vendetta hit – you should make it count. If it was John Farrell’s call, he should’ve given flamethrowing Rubby De La Rosa a “spot start” and hoped to take the Yankees third baseman out for the season, or at least long enough to keep the Yankees from sniffing the wildcard game. Instead, Ryan Dempster just put an unharmed A-Rod on base as the leadoff man, and, surprise of all surprises, it resulted in giving up the early lead.

Perhaps worse, it reignited a rivalry that has lacked heat for a while. Ordinarily I’d be fine with that, because my hatred of the Yankees is the reason I became a Red Sox fan. But right now, the Sox have bigger things with which to concern themselves; giving extra motivation to a team that could play spoiler in seven September games misses the “Yankees are the worst entity outside the Republican Party” forest for the “fans don’t like A-Rod” trees. I’m not saying New York will roll over for Tampa Bay, but anything that gives them extra focus or intensity… that’s a pretty high cost to pay for Ryan Dempster getting his first Fenway cheers since April.

Oh, and there was baseball after that brouhaha, too! As great players are wont to do, A-Rod got his revenge later with a home run off Dempster, leading off an inning that would be the starter’s last of the game, and in which the Yankees would retake the lead. Playing the part of the aggrieved, focused underdog, the Yankees added on in the seventh and then again in the ninth off Rubby De La Rosa, who was working in a two-run game because, again, John Farrell is an idiot.

A bright spot for the Sox? Will Middlebrooks continued to undermine my doubts about him (though not Goog’s, as though this blog needed any more discord). It would’ve been nicer if it had happened in a win, but… apparently, the “new culture” for the Red Sox involves ineffective tactics that amount to nothing but ego-stroking and fan-appeasing while costing Boston wins. I wish I could say I was completely surprised by this.

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