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Red Sox Game 123 recap: Mr. Questionable-Major-League-Talent… has questionable Major League talent

Highest WPA: Daniel Nava, .082 (3-4, 2 2B, R)
Lowest WPA: Shane Victorino, -.217 (0-5, K, 4 LOB)

No, the title isn’t about Victorino, though that WPA is an accurate reflection of “completely hopeless at the plate” for the right fielder, who is 4 for his last 26 but too proud, stubborn, and self-centered to admit an injury and go on the DL rather than hurting his team.

Perhaps it’s too harsh, but my goat for this game is Will Middlebrooks. He sucked to start the year, sucked at AAA (though it’s fair to speculate that that stint may have been more about coaching and his approach than about results; to his credit, he took some borderline pitches tonight that he might’ve whiffed on in the past, but he also ended up 1-3 with four guys stranded), and tonight, he sucked in the field. His misplay of a Jose Bautista grounder is recorded as a “single,” but the ball was eminently playable, but his half-assed attempt instead got the leadoff man on for the Jays. After that… well, the dominant Peavy of the first six innings didn’t return, and Craig Breslow couldn’t single-handedly save the game.

If there’s any value to momentum (probably not, but hey, narratives!), at least the surging Yankees got cooled off, dropping the final game of their four-game series against the Angels. If we can see a couple of wins at Fenway, I imagine the pessimism will see an end to its own momentum; if the Yankees win the series, “Detroit would have home field because of this slump!” becomes a laughably optimistic concern and we’ll start seeing a lot more “EXPANDED REPLAY: RED SOX REPEATING MISTAKES OF 2011?” headlines. Stay tuned, folks; the season is at a tipping point where it can get really fun or really ugly.

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