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Red Sox Game 122 recap: That sucked. Then it was awesome. Then it really sucked.

Highest WPA: Mike Napoli, .173 (1-5, HR, 2 RBI)
Lowest WPA: Shane Victorino, -.207 (0-4, BB, K, 4 LOB)

With two out in the ninth, today’s story looked to be Jon Lester’s god-awful fielding skills. The decent-but-frustrating lefty threw a ball away early to account for his unearned run, and he botched a comebacker to start off the seventh. Of course, maybe I shouldn’t let him off that lightly; absent the errors, Lester could’ve worked deeper into the game, and Brandon Workman wouldn’t have been on his second time through the order during the bottom of the tenth.

But… that wasn’t the case. Mike Napoli’s dramatic home run (sandwiched between less dramatic outs) only delayed the inevitable, as John Farrell kept Koji Uehara out of the game (he had to be kept in reserve for the save opportunity that never came!) in favor of Workman. To be fair, the rookie looked pretty good from the seventh through ninth innings, but as much as I worry about overworking relievers… once you get yourself into an extra-innings game, just use the guys whose whole deal is “one or two shutdown innings.” Farrell instead stuck with an averageish AAA pitcher, and he paid for that. With the Rays winning, our lead has shrunk back to three games. And we’re just one game away from facing a Yankee team that has won four straight and is now within single digits of first place.  Way to make the most of that Houston-KC-Toronto road trip, guys.

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