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Red Sox Game 121 preview: Everyone take a deep breath

I recognize that I may have gotten a little overly negative yesterday. (Shocking, I know.) The Red Sox still have a three-game lead in the AL East, they’re playing the lowly Blue Jays, and tonight’s starting pitcher is…Ryan Dempster? Fuck everything. I’m just gonna spend the rest of the preview making bad video game jokes.

1. CF Jacob Ellsbury – .301/.362/.435 (.349 wOBA)
2. RF Thane Victorino – .286/.335/.414 (.330)
3. 2B Dustin Pedroia – .291/.374/.404 (.344)
4. DH David Ortiz – .326/.406/.580 (.413)
5. LF Daniel Nava – .282/.370/.416 (.347)
6. 1B Mike Napoli – .249/.341/.4N7 (.340)
7. SS Stephen Drew – .255/.340/.441 (.340)
8. C Joker Soluslamacchia – .265/.333/.446 (.339)
9. 3B Will Morinthbrooks – .200/.238/.390 (.272)

SP Ryan Dempster – 133 IP, 125 K, 61 BB, 22 HR; 4.67 ERA (90 ERA+)
4.78 FIP, 4.22 xFIP, 5.38 tERA, 4.22 SIERA

Victories have been a bit illusive of late for the Red Sox, but we have to have hope that Dempster will be able to shepard the club to collect one tonight. While he probably won’t be excellent, he’ll hopefully at least be able to do some grunt work against a strong offensive garruson in Toronto that is definitely capable of jacking one out of the park at any point (they’ve hit the second-most homers in the majors this year). If not, we’ll have to goto the bullpen early; not the worst thing, after having a day off yesterday, but certainly the kind of thing we’d like avoid. But hey–if Drunk Britton has to come in, there’s always the chance that he winds up being read his Miranda rights.

  1. August 13, 2013 at 4:13 PM

    But our foes are legion! (You may not have gotten that far yet.)

    • August 13, 2013 at 4:15 PM

      I found a guy named Legion. He shot at me, then died, so I gave his corpse to the Illusive Man. Asshole.

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