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Red Sox Game 120 recap: Royal pains

Highest WPA: Shane Victorino, .065 (1-3, R)
Lowest WPA: Jacoby Ellsbury, -.245 (0-5, K, GIDP, 2 LOB)
Highest BAC: Drake Britton, .030 (couldn’t throw straight today; maybe he shouldn’t be allowed to control high-velocity objects when he’s been drinking)

So it’s legal to start your crappy backup catcher once in a while, but you can’t hit for him in the ninth even if it’s a one-run game and he’s leading off the inning. The more you know. Hey, remember when Ryan Lavarnway was a CAN’T MISS PROSPECT and the Red Sox wouldn’t trade him for anything? How’d that work out?

And then Will Middlebrooks, who is so shitty that it made sense to play Jose Iglesias instead of him, was also allowed to hit for himself in a one-run game in the ninth inning. Sure am glad we ran Kevin Youkilis out of town on a rail to get this guy playing time.

Basically everybody except Stephen Drew sucked today, and even Stephen Drew kinda sucked because while he had two hits he also struck out in a big spot. Dropping three out of four to a team like the Royals hurts, and the fact that the Rays are scuffling is the only saving grace. A day off tomorrow will hopefully serve as a chance for everybody to regroup and catch their breath, and then the Sox can get back to their winning ways against the hapless (but Happ-ful) Blue Jays.

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