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Red Sox Game 118 recap: Jakey, Jakey, ’bout to make a big mistakey

Please convince me 'trailing in the loss column' is meaningless and just to watch standings

Highest WPA: Mike Napoli, .359 (2-3, BB, 2B, R, 3 RBI)
Lowest WPA: Jake Peavy, -.338 (5 IP, 10 H, BB, 6 ER, 2 HR)
Highest BAC: Drake Britton, .213 (screw it, who can blame him for getting shitfaced after this one?)

Ouch. I’m mostly disappointed by this game because it’ll fuel the stupid arguments of critics of last week’s trade, but yikes, this was ugly. Peavy left with the lead, but had put the tying run on base for Drake Britton. Britton, an inconsiderate asshole who accelerated a multi-ton piece of machinery to 111 miles per hour with impaired reaction time in a public area, has thus far been much more capable of getting outs against Major Leaguers than he was against AA hitters. That never seemed likely to continue, so I’m much more surprised and disappointed by Peavy, whose selling point was a high strikeout-to-walk ratio that made up for his fly ball tendencies.

On the other hand, Jose Iglesias is 5 for 24 with the Tigers, with more infield hits (2) than extra-base hits (1), and no walks to five strikeouts. So the “future” we gave up for a guy with one very good start and now one very bad? Still not a bright one.

Barring another attempt at a six-man rotation, Peavy will look to recover next week against the Blue Jays; if Brandon Workman gets a start, Peavy could face the Yankees instead. Either way, I expect better than this, and will chalk it up to running into the Royals at the wrong time and having a reliever who was bound to suck finally having his luck catch up with him. Of course, the Rays are facing an also-hot team in Los Angeles and the Dodgers’ true talent is better than the Royals, so… yeah, I’m still going to bed angry and sad after these rationalizations. And I’ll feel that way even more when I see someone who isn’t Xander Bogaerts or Will Middlebrooks in the lineup at third tomorrow night.

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