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Red Sox Game 112 recap: Allow myself to introduce… myself

Sox get Peavy same week as acquiring the propaganda machine that will someday smear him

Highest WPA: Junichi Tazawa, .314 (1 IP, H, K)
Lowest WPA: Craig Breslow, -.237 (0 outs, H, HBP)

Okay, fine, so Jake Peavy didn’t have a ridiculous ace-like outing that immediately set to rest any doubts that foolish Sox fans had about the trade (and it didn’t help that today’s installment of “Jose Iglesias and the falling OBP” included a home run). But… it certainly couldn’t have hurt. Peavy ultimately went seven innings, giving up four hits (three singles, one home run) and a pair of walks with seven strikeouts. Early on, he looked good, but un-Peavylike, with a walk in each of the first two innings (Peavy’s career walks per nine innings: 2.7). After that, he settled in pretty damn well, scattering those hits and keeping the home run a solo shot. He’d eventually get charged with a second run that Craig Breslow and Junichi Tazawa inherited and allowed to score, but all in all? I’m still so happy to have this guy.

Otherwise… boy, this game was full of attempts to make us look like idiots (as if we needed help). Jarrod Saltalamacchia shouldn’t have started against a lefty… but he homered against a righty in relief. Jonny Gomes is a bad defender… but his arm kept the Diamondbacks from tying the game. And of course, for Goog, there was Shane Victorino having a nice night including a homer.

As usual: being wrong about baseball doesn’t bug me nearly as much when the Sox win.

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