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2013 Trade Deadline: “IT’S HAPPENING!” Edition

4:18 PM
Dodgers get:
C Drew Butera
Twins get:
Sportspun: I guess LA wanted someone who could make Tim Federowicz’s .204/.243/.347 look okay. Jeff Passan says this is the last trade of the day. I suppose I’ll take this anticlimax of a deadline over the Red Sox doing anything pointless to ruin the buzz from last night. Plus, the Rays didn’t counter, and Matt Moore’s heading to the DL. No news is good news!

4:00 PM – Goog: Aaaaaaaand that’s it. … Really? That’s it? Jesus. Well, my team turned Jose Iglesias into Jake Peavy and nobody else did anything, sooo…good deadline! (As a general baseball fan, though, that sucked. We need to push this thing back to the middle of August or something.)

3:56 PM – Sportspun: Apparently there’s issues with Hader’s medicals and the Astros might get another prospect instead. It tells you a lot about how significant that part of the trade is when “oh wait, he’s hurt? Let us choose someone else” is a thing.

3:37 PM
Orioles get:
RHP Bud Norris
Astros get: OF LJ Hoes, LHP Josh Hader, draft pick
Goog: That second player had better be something good. (EDIT: Nope!) Sportspun and I have disagreed on how good Norris is–I think right now I’d say “kinda” and he’d say “not”–but Hoes is just…nothing. He’s been a pro since 2008 but hasn’t hit even ten homers in a season at any level of the minors, and he’s only getting by because he hits for a fine average and knows not to swing at the crappy, wild pitches that pitchers don’t typically throw in the big leagues to guys who can’t hit for power. Why, it’s almost as if the Astros care more about shedding salary than about getting pieces to build a contending team!
Sportspun: I’d say he’s good enough to upgrade the back end of a rotation, but thought he’d draw a respectable return since he’s under team control for a while yet. I’ve defended the Astros as legitimately rebuilding, but right now, Goog’s case that Houston is just playing Loriaball is looking a lot stronger.

3:31 PM – Goog: The Astros get 20-year-old RHP Kyle Smith from the Royals for Maxwell. He’s probably nothing, but there’s an outside shot that he turns into a decent starter someday, I guess. Fine deal for both teams, with the Royals getting the more immediate/tangible upgrade. The Astros are going to be terrible forever.

3:02 PM
Royals get:
OF Justin Maxwell
Astros get:
Goog: Whatever it is, it’s almost certainly too much. Justin Maxwell is pretty damn forgettable. He plays mostly fine but unremarkable defense in the outfield, can hit lefties a fair bit, and can’t hit righties much at all. Of course, Dayton Moore probably sees him as the natural successor to Jeff Francouer, the man who will justify trading away Wil Myers.
Sportspun: I don’t know if I’d say it’s too much; Maxwell’s a decent fourth outfielder to have around, and he’s got a few years of team control left so the Royals aren’t buying for this year as much as the future bench, but it’s still a pretty bland move, the likes of which would get a tiny blurb and be forgotten at most deadlines. Today? It’s the first sign of activity in an hour. Yikes.
Goog: Yeah, I probably undersold Maxwell a little bit. He’s a good Gabe Kapler-type, I guess; can play all three outfield spots and hit lefties, but shouldn’t be starting against righthanders. I just didn’t know it was possible to get guys like that for less than three years and $39 million.
Sportspun: And David Lough BARELY qualifies as “a younger Mike Carp!”

2:57 PM – Goog: Since nothing’s going on (cat status: Still asleep, has never heard of Ian Kennedy, leads a better life than I ever will), let’s make fun of Jon Heyman some more. He calls the Padres the “big winner” from the deadline thus far. Apparently he forgets that the Red Sox turned Jose Iglesias into Jake Peavy. Or, perhaps, this might have something to do with the fact that Kennedy is a Scott Boras client. Just maybe.

2:44 PM – Goog: The Yankees are getting offers for Phil Hughes. They sit just three and a half games out of a coinflip for a playoff spot, so they won’t and shouldn’t totally sell, but imagine if they put Robinson Cano on the market right now. That would be something.

2:10 PM
Padres get:
RHP Ian Kennedy
Diamondbacks get: LHP Joe Thatcher, RHP Matt Stites, and a draft pick
Sportspun: This seems like a win-win. There’s a lot of underwhelmed reactions from Arizona’s side, but Stites is a solid prospect (even Goog thinks so!) to complement Thatcher filling a current need. It’s a win-now move, and Kennedy’s the sort of pitcher who could benefit a lot by moving from Chase to Petco, but I find it hard to fault either side here.
Goog: Stites might turn into an alright reliever, but he’s also not guaranteed to be anything special. If I had to pick a winner here I’d say it was San Diego, but I agree with your general point that there are benefits to both sides. Watch it come out that the deal only went down because Kennedy listens to that damn hip-hop music or something.

2:07 PM – Goog: In addition to Thatcher and “a prospect,” the Diamondbacks would also apparently get Matt Stites, a 23-year-old righthanded reliever who’s been doing really well at AA this year. I’ve been hard on Kennedy, but he has had success in the bigs, and would still be under control for a couple of years; this is the kind of low-risk, buy-low move that a team like the Padres would be wise to make.

1:52 PM – Sportspun: Perhaps the first trade of the day will be Ian Kennedy to the Padres. Right now, the rumored return is Joe Thatcher and a prospect. I’d usually hate a “starter for reliever” deal on principle, but Arizona’s bullpen could use the boost, especially from the left side, and the rotation has reinforcements coming when Trevor Cahill and Brandon McCarthy get off the DL.
Goog: And Ian Kennedy is Godawful this year. There’s that. Turns out that not having a ton of K and giving up plenty of homers only works if you walk literally nobody.

1:33 PM – Goog: My cat has been curled up asleep on my bed for the last two hours. I think she has the right idea.

1:23 PM – Goog: The aforementioned Messrs. Knobler report that the Astros have contacted Cleveland about sending Bud Norris there. Do you mean to tell me that Scott Kazmir might not be the answer after all?!

1:15 PM – Goog: According to the Man of Hey, both Danny Knobler and Danny Knobler think that Ian Kennedy is moving to the Padres. The DBacks had been rumored to be in on Gregerson, so maybe San Diego wants to see if pitching in Petco will fix Kennedy’s shittiness?

12:51 PM – Sportspun: Don’t worry, I’m still alive. At this hour the most interesting things seem to be the Mariners shopping everything that’s not tied down, and Ken Rosenthal saying that the Rangers could listen on Matt Garza. A Garza trade seems unlikely to me – I really don’t see them getting more than they gave up, and for PR reasons, paying for two starts looks terrible – but while Texas reportedly wants to improve offensively, I still feel like they should sell. At 5 games out. Before August. I’m pretty much a quitter, I know.

12:49 PM – Goog: Hey, remember when trades happened on the trading deadline? That was cool, wasn’t it? Be nice if that happened.

12:29 PM – Goog: Gordon Edes says it’s “doubtful” the Sox make a push for Young. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the plan was to give Xander a crash course a third in AAA while a Holt/Snyder platoon holds the fort up here for a week or two.

12:21 PM – Goog: The Rangers keep asking about Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion, apparently. Why the Blue Jays would move them when they presumably want to compete next year is beyond me.

12:06 PM – Goog: The Red Sox are “sniffing on” Luke Gregerson, according to Nick Cafardo. Hopefully he put on his deodorant today. Also, while Gregerson’s good, it should be noted that he plays his home games at Petco and gets to face the National League, like, all the time.

11:37 AM – Goog: Michael Young is willing to approve a trade to the Red Sox. Whoopee. In other news, I am also willing to approve a trade to the Red Sox. We’ll make about as much difference.

It occurs to me that Sportspun hasn’t yet said “Hey, Goog, you know the Red Sox were only able to take on Peavy’s salary because they dumped contracts last year and cheaped out over the winter, right?” I wonder if me saying this now will stop him from saying it later.

Edit: Upon further reflection, if we’re not going to bring up Xander this year no matter what, Young’s probably a worthwhile upgrade. Brock Holt really can’t hit, and his defense isn’t all that great either. Of course, Young is pretty fucking dreadful at any position other than DH, and the media would slobber all over him, but…eh. If he doesn’t cost anything decent, I wouldn’t hate it.

11:09 AM – Goog: *chirp* *chirp* Oh, don’t mind me. I’m just passing the time by downloading wallpapers for my phone. I’d play Temple Run or something, but with my luck a trade would go down just as I’m jumping over a pit of fire.

9:45 AM – Goog: And I’m back. The only thing I missed is that Brock Holt is the guy the Sox called up to replace Iglesias, which is odd, but whatever. Will Middlebrooks is probably just terrible (.257/.323/.451 at AAA), and Xander Bogaerts has played all of five professional games at third base in his life (all in the last month, but still). There’s still a gaping hole there, so maybe something will get done today, but…eh. Brock Holt is not Jose Iglesias, and right now that’s good enough for me.

8:51 AM – Goog: Nothing has happened yet. I have to get groceries. If something happens in the next half hour and Sportspun isn’t awake to write about it, we’re all screwed.

7:37 AM – Goog: GOOOOOOOOD MORNIN’, VIETNAM! Just in case you missed it: Late last night, the Red Sox turned Jose Iglesias and three guys you’ve never heard of before and never will again into JAKE PEAVY. Anything they do today is so much wavy gravy.

(I have never, ever blogged when I’m this happy about baseball, largely because I’m pretty sure baseball hasn’t made me this happy since 2007. This is going to be fun.)

In other news, the Cubs have decided that they’re not going to trade Jeff Samardzija. Might have something to do with the return they just saw for Jake Peavy. Just saying.

12:27 AM – Sportspun: The prospects going to Chicago are Jeffrey Wendelken, Francelis Montas, and Cleuluis Rondon. None of them have pitched above A-ball, and only Montas looks remotely promising. I’m officially gonna second-guess the White Sox on this one; I’m pretty shocked they couldn’t get at least a AA guy to complement Avisail Garcia, given the haul that 2 months of Matt Garza brought the Cubs. Peavy’s an obvious injury risk, but that’s already reflected in his salary for next year being $14.5 million instead of closer to the 20s. Great deal for the Red Sox, hilarious Biogenesis-driven panic move for Tigers, and a pretty weak return on reasonably-signed starter for the White Sox.

I think even Goog has to say Boston’s had a good deadline. Still, I wonder if they’ll use some of their unspent top 20 prospects to add another bullpen arm, or be content moving Workman out there; will they look into third basemen like Michael Young, or just give Will Middlebrooks a second chance before turning to Xander Bogaerts if necessary? And will Ruben Amaro’s bold trade demands lock him out of the chance to start a rebuild in Philly? STAY TUNED!

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