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Red Sox Game 106 recap: Hit balls, not phones

Highest WPA: Jon Lester, .380 (7 IP, 4 H, 2 BB, 8 K)
Lowest WPA: Dustin Pedroia, -.052 (0-4, BB, GIDP, 3 LOB)

I’ve been pretty frustrated and pessimistic about Lester this year, but these last few starts have really helped ease my mind. Sure, we’re still a starter short of what I’d like to see, but at least the absence of Clay Buchholz feels a little less debilitating. The team also got some rare contributions from Jarrod Saltalamacchia (or Gerald, as he’s known on TBS), and with a little help from the Yankees (I just threw up in my mouth), the Sox again have a half-game lead on the Rays.

Of course, they’re throwing Felix Doubront against David Price tomorrow, so if that lead is again erased, I’m sure Goog will have some choice words about our second lefty. Still, once again, we’re a day closer to knowing if the bosses are going to get this team any extra help, and that day is much more tolerable when we’re not in second place.

Speaking of “tolerable,” Jose Iglesias is not: Our “third baseman” went 0-for-4 and was the only guy not to reach base at least once. Please, please tell me Ruben Amaro loves his tools or something.

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