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Red Sox Game 97 recap: Delayed coverage!

Highest WPA: Koji Uehara, .241 (2 IP, H, 0 R, 0 BB, 2 K)
Lowest WPA: Matt Thornton, -.379 (.2 IP, H, ER, 2 BB)

It always sucks to lose, even when you expect to lose, and especially when you expect to lose but are then leading and start to think that maybe you won’t lose. Brandon Workman versus Bartolo Colon didn’t seem like a very favorable matchup going in, but through six innings the Red Sox had managed to get a couple of runs off of Colon while the A’s hadn’t managed a single hit off of Workman. Then, in the seventh, things fell apart. Josh Donaldson’s home run–the second Workman’s allowed in his brief but already too long MLB career–tied the game, and from there you got the feeling that it was just a matter of time.

John Farrell deserves credit for going to his closer in the ninth, when conventional wisdom (and Farrell’s own history) would have had him save the closer for a possible save situation. However, I will also note that Farrell’s decision to run for David Ortiz–and more directly, to not pinch hit for Brock Holt–helped contribute to the fact that there wasn’t a save situation for Koji, or for anyone.

Now begins the worst stretch of the season: Four days where the only things resembling baseball will be a seven-hour batting practice session and then a masturbatory exhibition where, for once, we get to root for Mariano Rivera to finish the game in successful fashion. Oh joy.

JOSE IGLESIAS WATCH: Jose Iglesias went 0-4 today, lowering his batting average to .367. A month ago at this time, his batting average was .451. In his last ten games, he’s hitting .182. Jose Iglesias is really, really, really bad.

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